Breath of Fire IV smoking out PSN this month

PS3 owners are about to receive a retro-JRPG infusion with the arrival Breath of Fire IV on PSN. Responding on theCapcom Unity forums, senior VP Christian Svensson told US fans to expect Ryu and his merry band of cat people to arrive with a few extra goodies on August 16th, writing, “I'm told BOF4 (for the US anyway) will launch August 16th on PSN... to celebrate, there will also be BOF PSN avatars for sale that day too.”

Breath of Fire IV first appeared on the original PlayStation back in 2000. It follows the series protagonist Ryu as he wrestles to make peace with his dragon-morphing abilities, while evading the evil Fou-Lu who aims to use said abilities for his own (and predictably evil) gains.

This is the first time Breath of Fire IV has been officialre-released stateside. And while the series itself may not have as much name recognition as other JRPGs in its class, Capcom's fantasy epic is still a good pick for players itching for some classic, ole timey RPG action. Will you be adding it to your cart?

Aug 1, 2011

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