Bomberman Land Touch! Cheats

Bomberman Land Touch! Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hard Mode

    Gain all 100 cards in Normal Land Mode, and complete the game to unlock Hard Mode.

Bomberman Land Touch! Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Bombster

    Revenge Skulls

    If you become a revenge bomber in Duel, you can flik bombs at people via touch screen! But if you blow into the mic the bomb will transform. (super revenge mode allows you to come back into the game if you kill someone with a skull bomb)

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easier control

    Use your thumbs instead of the stylus to scroll thru the items faster.

  • DS | Submitted by ZEE BOY

    Mega Bomb

    You need rubber bomb and bomb kick and full power to make it work in multiplayer. Put one bomb on the ground the kick it then do it again to another bomb and when they hit eachother they will make a bomb with a glowing skull, then run.

  • DS | Submitted by Blue Link

    Change colors in Multiplayer

    Simply change your background color on your DS. Then play Bomberman with another player (not against the computer). Your Bomberman will be the color of the choosen background. Also some things in the game may also be change in relation to the choosen background. The mic can be use to talk to other players in the game who are playing with you. An easy way to use the "mic bomb" or "mic sheild" is to blow into the mic for an easier, faster effect.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    X-Ray Vision

    If you want to find all the items in one level, and you're pressed for time, use the power-up, Glasses. If you've saved a lot of them you can use one at levels with less time, and see the places where items are hidden without blowing up the block.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    Extra Points

    If you have extra time, and want more points than normal, just place a bomb at the level exit, and when it explodes, an enemy will pop out. The downside to this is that the enemy is tough to beat, but you get a few, hundred points. The other way to get extra points, is by beating the level as fast as you can, because your time is added to the score