Blue Dragon blowout

Last Friday we put up apreview of Blue Dragon - make sure you check it out if you missed it. It's the hottest RPG for the 360 so far this year, a tale of adventure that blends the classic styling of pre-Final Fantasy VII role playing greats, with top-notch animation and art direction. We dig it.

But enough words. Today, we're blowing out three new movies that show off three big, big aspects of the game: exploration, boss battles and cutscenes. We take you through the world, towns and dungeons. We also fight just a very few of the game's incredible boss battles... and show off a sliver of its most exciting cinematic sequences. If you're completely spoiler-phobic, you might want to avoid that last video.

Hit the Movies tab up above to pick your poison. Remember, there are 85 more hot new screens where this one came from. Just hit the Images tab to get your hands on the rest - and don't forget to check them out in high resolution by clicking the "supersize" button below each individual image.

January 24, 2007