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BlizzCon 2009 in pictures

Above: A BELF Rogue is ready for action

Above: A Dalaran cake seller brings some sweets

Above: Cosplaying druids need water too

Above: This Firebat lights up the room wherever he goes

Above: A hunter with her bow

Above: This Jim Raynor was disappointed to learn that there is no smoking allowed at BlizzCon

Above: A Mage and a Shaman walk into a bar…

Above: A Medic and a Marine

Above: Paladins are adept at self-piercing due to healing abilities

Above: A succubus who’s ready to whip anyone who gets out of line

The Ozzy Show

Above: Yuto Miyazawa, the prodigal shredder, joined Ozzy on stage

Above: Yuto Miyazawa rocking The Ellen DeGenereres Show

Above: Ozzy Osbourne sprays the crowd with a fire extinguisher

Above: They love it

World of Warcraft: The Magazine

Dan Amrich, editor-in-chief of World of Warcraft: The Magazine was also busy at BlizzCon, answering questions from fans about the new project. What is it? Why should we want it? Isn’t print dead?

“It’ll be a large format, similar to Edge magazine in the UK,” explained Amrich. “We really want to leverage the fact that print can be a deluxe experience – beautiful art, quality articles, something that’s worth spending some time reading. So I’m telling people to expect something more along the lines of a coffee-table magazine. A lot of people have pointed out that print needs to change to survive, and I see a deluxe project like this as a valid evolutionary step.”

Above: Fans who pre-ordered a subscription to World of Warcraft: The Magazine received a collectible Murloc plushy named Kwurky

The first issue will contain tactics for PvP and raid players, community spotlights, and a feature about the game’s impending 5th anniversary. The cover subject is still a secret since it will relate to upcoming content in the game, but it will feature exclusive art commissioned by Blizzard.

Above: Kwurky wasn’t as delicious as he looked

Aug 24, 2009

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