Upshot? A well-overdue Robot Blastermind.

From helping round the house to killing intruders, robots are well on their way to replacing dogs as man’s best friend. Especially robot dogs…

So can you figure out which films and TV shows the following mechanoids came from? Extra virtual points if you can actually name the ones with names (most of them have).

As always it’s just a bit of fun. There’re no prizes, except maybe the knowledge that you’ll be able to remember the difference between a killbot and medibot if you ever happen to be blasted to the future. Feel free to brag about how well you’ve done in the comments section, but please don’t give away any of the answers. Use this thread for bragging purposes.

This week’s quiz complied by: Sarah Collins

Answers on the next page

Answers on the next page

Weebo from Flubber

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

A sentinel from The Matrix

Box from Logan’s Run

Crichton from Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Kevin from Saved By The Bell

Robot bartender from The Fifth Element

Dot Matrix from Spaceballs

Braman from Thunderbirds

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, from the Future from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Robot B9 from Lost In Space

Midas from Real Steel

GIR from Invader Zim

Hector from Saturn 3

Tobor from Tobor The Great

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