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Black Mirror Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Getting key to drawer in bedroom

    In order to unlock the bottom drawer in the bedroom you have to have a key. The key is hidden above the doorframe but it won't let you get it by just left clicking on the doorframe. If you right click on the doorframe you will be able to get the key to unlock the drawer and will be able to get the needed camera inside the drawer.

  • PC | Submitted by lordsyruss

    Getting the key to Williams study

    First you must obtain Williams personal belongings from Murry (he is the pawn broker) at the gate of the manor. then open the box and read the note and then go to the library and check out the ink pen.push the button under it. then go to the secret door you just open and get the pieces for the globe that has the missing pieces. in order (name, color).
    2.venus,light purple,blue and white
    6.saturn,yellowish orange
    8.neptune,blue(be careful earth and neptune are close in color.)
    after placing the pieces in the globes hiding place is revealed. take the key to the study and go and search it.