Black Friday Samsung TV deals 2023 - what to expect, and the best offers from last year

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Black Friday Samsung TV deals may seem a ways off, but it's always good to prepare for the long term when times are as hard as they are. 2022's Black Friday offering was particularly strong, and we think it could give us some projections and predictions for later this year. 

Samsung's excellent range of TVs are so good that a whole bunch of them show up in our best gaming TV list. Easily some of the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X, they'll also do the trick if you aren't looking to use them just for gaming. Last year we saw some great Black Friday Samsung TV deals throughout the weekend, and many of them even started in the week leading up to Black Friday. In particular, we saw loads of QLED and 8K models up and down the size range. We're hoping that this year we see a similar situation for Black Friday, plus some newer models Samsung may come out with before then.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, you'll find last year's best Black Friday Samsung TV deals at the bottom of this page. These provide a great example of the savings traditionally seen during Holiday sales. These will also give you an idea of the best models we saw go on offer, too. If Samsung isn't the brand you want then fear not, we're also pulling together the best Black Friday Sony TV deals, and all of our Black Friday OLED TV deals

Black Friday Samsung TV deals - FAQs

Samsung TU7000

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Where will the best Black Friday Samsung TV deals be?

Naturally, we think one of the best places to stay on top of the Black Friday Samsung TV deals will be this very webpage, but we know which retailers will likely be playing the game. These are the places we usually root around in to find the best deals, so if you fancy an early search, try these sites!


absolutely always has stock and deals on Samsung TVs
Best Buy:
regularly price matches with extra free gifts included
Samsung: often has decent price cuts and bundle offers
known for PC gaming but also excellent for Samsung TVs
price matches and has stores to visit too


the predictable first retailer stop on your Samsung TV search
Samsung: go straight to the horse's mouth for offers and stock
Very: always a solid retailer option and often offers price cuts
the go-to store for a wealth of Samsung TV options
Argos: can sometimes offer same-day delivery and has stacks of stock
John Lewis:
generous warranty-givers and well-trusted retailer
has the latest models and great filters to sort your results
Ebuyer: known for PC parts, but still a good stockist of Samsung TVs

Is it worth waiting for Black Friday Samsung TV deals?

TVs - and big-brand TVs at that - see some of the biggest, deepest price cuts across all tech on Black Friday and the surrounding weeks. As a result, it is easily the best time of year to have a chance of getting a historically low price, a never-before-seen slash to a price, or even get other gear bundled in for an awesome all-round package. If you can hold out for this year's Black Friday Samsung TV deals then you'll give yourself a top chance of making the biggest savings - especially on the latest and greatest models from this year.

However, it's worth noting that Best Buy's latest sales offer a Black Friday price guarantee for its My Best Buy members. Membership is free and you'll be able to secure your go-to display early without worrying about being sniped in price later on. That's because Best Buy will refund you the difference if the cost of your purchase drops further over the next few weeks - just look out for the Black Friday price guarantee when checking out early Black Friday Samsung TV deals.

Black Friday Samsung TV deals - what to expect

Samsung Q900TS 8K QLED TV

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In terms of specifics, there are probably too many individual models to try and keep track of, but a few general ranges stand out to give us an idea of what we can expect from 2023's Black Friday Samsung TV deals. First, let's start with the NeoQLED TVs. The Flagship 4K model, the Samsung QN95B Neo QLED, saw tasty reductions of $1,000 or more that should only repeat later in the year as it starts to age.

Stepping it up a notch, the new flagship 8K NeoQLED model, the QN900B(65-inch) has also seen a steady downward trend in price: beginning life at around $5,000, and we saw it with some hefty discounts last November.

We'd bank on 2022 models and those NeoQLED panels seeing some big ol' discounts too

As for mid-to-entry level TVs, something like 2020 Crystal 4K TVs could be great contenders for awesome deals that will sit just outside of Samsung's premium level screens. In our Samsung TU7000 review, we noted that the balance of quality and value these models offer is already at an excellent level, even at normal prices. Given its previous low of 50 or so bucks over $500, we wouldn't be surprised to see something of this range, in a 65-inch size no less, go below $500 and offer unbelievable, wall-filling value. This was certainly the case last year, so we'd expect similar, if not better prices next year.

But these are just a few models in a sea of quality options. Generally, last year's models could see the biggest value points, but if you're keen to stay on top of the technological advancements, then we'd bank on any new 2023 models and those NeoQLED panels seeing some big ol' discounts too.

Black Friday 2022 Samsung TV Deals in the US


Samsung QN90 65-inch 4K TV + controller and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | $2,299.99 $1,599.99 at Samsung
Save $700 - Straight from the horses mouth here, but you could have gotten 700 dollars off this QLED 4K TV directly from Samsung, plus a controller and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to stream games direct from your TV. There were discounts on the other sizes, too, if 65 is a little big for your living room.


Samsung QN55S95BAFXZA 55-inch Quantum OLED 4K | $1,497.99 $1,447.99 at Newegg
Save $50 - It wasn't the biggest saving, but this was one of the best TV releases of the year. This is the first OLED Samsung has made in a decade, and it uses quantum dot tech to provide incredible imagery. Any chance to get this TV cheaper, and we'd recommend it.


Samsung 7 Series LED 55-inch 4K | $399.99 $347.99 at Best Buy
Save $52 - It's not the biggest saving, but in fairness, this is one of the most affordable Samsung TV deals we saw during Black Friday 2022. It might not be a QLED, but it's still a 4K LED in a decent size.


Samsung The Frame 43-inch QLED 4K | $999.99 $799.99 at Best Buy
Save $200 - Sometimes a smaller screen is all you need - not that 43 inches is even that small. Either way, this QLED TV from Samsung is dubbed "The Frame" for its ability to turn into a digital art frame when in standby mode, and the fact that it can be easily mounted onto a wall. Best Buy ran reductions across the entire size range.


Samsung 75-inch Q60B QLED TV | $1,397.99 $987.99 at Amazon
Save $410 - This Quantum Dot, HDR, QLED TV went on sale on Amazon so you could have saved over $400 on a premium TV. You'll also be interested to hear that this was its lowest ever price on Amazon, and there was even a dearer option if you wanted a soundbar and subwoofer bundled in.


Samsung Q80B 65-inch QLED 4K | $1,199.99 $999.99 at Best Buy
Save $200 - Best Buy was offering a $200 saving on a 4K QLED from Samsung. They also offered a $520 reduction on a bundle with this TV and a Samsung soundbar with Dolby Atmos.


Samsung 60-inch TU690T 4K LED TV | $549.99 $399.99 at Best Buy
Save $150 - A solid LED TV here which you could have saved more than $100 dollars on right now. This deal was for a 60-inch model, but other sizes were discounted too. It uses the Tizen Smart TV OS, and under $450 is a really reasonable price.


Samsung QN65QN800BFXZA 65-inch 8K QLED | FREE Xbox Controller | $3,499.99 $2,597.99 at Newegg
Save $902 - When you think about the saving, this deal was crazy. Almost a grand off on an 8K TV - and you got a free Xbox Series X/S controller on top of that. It may still be incredibly expensive to get your hands on an 8K TV, but this brings the price down by 25%.


Samsung QN90B 75-inch Neo QLED 4K | FREE Xbox Controller | $2,999.99 $2,399.99 at Best Buy
Save $600 - Not only did you get one of Samsung's Neo QLED TVs in this deal in a fantastic size, but you also got a free Xbox Series X/S controller that usually sells for $59.99.

Black Friday 2022 Samsung TV Deals in the UK


Samsung Q80B 55-inch 4K QLED | £999 £753.99 at Amazon
Save £245 - This was a fantastic saving on a 2022 QLED model. 55-inch TVs can be a real sweet spot between affordability and a large screen size. This deal saved you almost £250 on a high-quality 55-inch panel, so in our opinion this was one of the best Black Friday Samsung TV deals last year.


Samsung S95B 65-inch QD-OLED 4K TV | £2,399 £1,799 at Samsung
Save £600 - This is the first homemade OLED TV from Samsung in a long time, and it uses quantum dot technology to make the imagery as beautiful as possible. As if the product alone wasn't tempting enough, this was its lowest ever price.


Samsung QN90B 50-inch Neo QLED 4K TV | Free soundbar | £999 £899 at Samsung
Save £100 - It might not be the biggest saving, but you got a premium 50-inch QLED TV for under a grand here. Not to mention, you got a free soundbar which would likely set you back more than £200. This was an excellent deal if you ask us.


Samsung The Frame 32-inch QLED TV | £599 £499 at Very
Save £100 - If you're in need of a slightly smaller screen without compromising on quality, this is a 2022 QLED panel from Samsung which also has an art frame mode, meaning it fades into a digital canvas instead of going black when the TV turns off.


Samsung Q75B QLED 55-inch 4K Quantum HDR TV | £899 £799 at Amazon
Save £100 - If you were looking for a chance to get a 55-inch QLED for cheaper than the usual fortune it will set you back, this was an easy target. £799 is still a lot of money to spend in one go, but at the same time, you won't find too many opportunities throughout the year to get a QLED from Samsung with a £100 reduction.


Samsung QE50Q60BAUXXU 50-inch QLED 4K TV | £579 £529 at Very
Save £50 - This was one of the most affordable and budget-friendly deals for a Samsung TV we saw for Black Friday last year. For under £530 you get a 4K QLED screen in a great size. Very were also running some multi-buy deals and soundbar bundles, so look out for those at checkout.


Samsung QE65QN85BATXXU 65-inch 4K QLED | £1,599 £1,349 at Currys
Save £250 - This deal from Currys got you a 2022 Neo QLED with a £250 reduction. It's a 65-inch screen, although you can currently get similar savings on various sizes. If you're up for a super-sized screen, the 85-inch model was discounted by £700.


Samsung Q65B QLED 4K 75-inch | £1,599 £1,399 at Samsung
Save £200 - Here was a chance to save £200 on a 2022 4K QLED model, straight from the horse's mouth. This is a great size, too, and 75-inches is more than enough to complete your home cinema or perfect gaming setup.


Samsung QE55QN90BATXXU Neo QLED 55-inch 4K | Free Samsung B430 Soundbar | £1,299 £999 at Very
Save £300 - Not only did you get a Neo QLED at a £300 discount in this deal, but you also got a free Samsung soundbar in this deal from Very. Lots of value for money to be had.

For broader looks at the gaming display deals that will be on offer this year, check out what to expect from the deals on Black Friday gaming monitors, the Black Friday curved monitor deals, and the Black Friday 4K monitor deals. Be sure to take a look at Black Friday Samsung deals for more.

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