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PS4 Black Friday deals 2019: What to expect from PlayStation this year

PS4 black friday deals 2019
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The PS4 Black Friday deals could reel in some of the biggest PlayStation savings of all time, if current predictions are to be believed. As Sony gears up for the much rumoured release of the PS5 next year, both it and all of its partnered (and non-partnered) retailers will be slashing prices on everything PS4 before the console officially becomes the old kid on the block in 2020. 

The PS4 still has plenty more life in it, though, and this year you can expect to see discounts on all kinds of bundles, accessories, games, and other related goodies. Retailers will be pricing their PS4 Black Friday deals to move as they look into the future, and you can already start laying out your plans for how to capitalize on all the savings. Read on for more early looks at what savings are likely to come and when, including Black Friday PS4 Pro deals.

(Image credit: Sony)

When will the PS4 Black Friday deals start?

The PS4 Black Friday deals, and discounts on just about everything else, seem to keep rolling out earlier and earlier every year. The official day of Black Friday itself is November 29, but you can expect discounts on PS4 and associated products to start proliferating at least two weeks before that. That means that your best bet for bargain hunting is to start paying attention around mid-November, when you can be confident that you're in prime discount season. This is the time of year that your plans will pay off, because if you see something that looks good, you'll want to snap it up ASAP before everybody else can buy out the stock.

As an example, last Black Friday, Walmart sold this PS4 Slim with Spider-Man deal for $199, when the game was only a couple of months old, and it sold out in a matter of minutes. You need to be sharp and if you know you want a console, just grab one early.

Spider-Man PS4 Slim 1TB bundle | $199 (save $100)
Get one of the best PS4 exclusives of the year and a brand new system to play it on all for $100 less than you'd normally pay for the system alone. This is a fantastic deal for yourself or the budding Marvel fan in your life. 
View Deal

In a similar story, during Amazon's recent Prime Day sale in July, you could pick up a 1TB PS4 Slim console with Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for $250, which is a damn good offer. That extra space on the PS4's HDD, along with a game that will easily occupy you for a further 100 hours is well worth the extra $50.

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console Hits Bundle | $250 on Amazon
A price of $250 is already a respectable saving on the lighter, sexier PS4 Slim, but on Amazon Prime Day you can also get Spider-Man PS4 and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. It's a rare bundle and a massive discount, and it won't last long.View Deal

If you're looking specifically for a PS4 Pro console, because you're upgrading to 4K gaming, then these offers usually cluster closer to Black Friday itself. Pros are the more popular item so retailers like to save their best deals on these until the majority of people are looking for them. Last year's event didn't see many decent savings on PS4 Pro, with the best being a console plus Red Dead Redemption 2 for $399. Because Rockstar launched Red Dead Redemption 2 a few weeks before Black Friday, the PS4 Pro didn't need any drastic discounts to sell. That will be different in 2019.

One slight word of caution is that you don't want to start buying consoles too early. If it's not-quite-November, you need to be sure that what you're getting is a genuine deal, and you need to know whether or not the price of the PS4 will likely dip even lower during Black Friday. So how do you spot a decent PS4 deal?

What is a good Black Friday PS4 deal?

As always when shopping for deals, you should consider what the product is worth to you. In the case of a PS4, we saw a Black Friday PS4 deal last year which dropped the price to $199 – a hefty discount from the RRP – but it may still be too expensive for you. For Black Friday 2019, we're expecting PS4 deals to sink as low as $175 for the console alone, and around $200 for a console with a game or two. That's for the 500GB console though; you'll need to add an extra $25 or so for a 1TB version.

These Black Friday PS4 deals often come as bundles with specific games, and while we've got no idea what will be available yet, you can probably expect some of the best titles from the last year or two. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, and God of War will all likely be in some bundles, as will titles such as FIFA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Borderlands 3 from more recent times. We're currently in a lull period between Prime Day and Black Friday so PS4 bundles are especially high, such as this Spider-Man "deal" for $312.

PS4 Slim 1TB + Spider-Man for $312 at Amazon
Amazon is offering the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man with the 1TB console (so, plenty of storage, at least) for one of today's lowest prices.View Deal

When it comes to the PS4 Slim and Pro, you can currently get the former for around $280. When Black Friday rolls around, the PS4 deals will probably take about $80 off that number, including a critically acclaimed game. We'd advise buying at that price, unless it's a game you really don't want.

For the Black Friday PS4 Pro deals, the console is currently $349, which is an absurd price if you're able to wait for a short while until Black Friday rolls around. Expect that to go below $300 with a game; titles like Days Gone and Kingdom Hearts 3 play much better on Pro.

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Will the Black Friday PS4 deals just be consoles?

Of course not! Everything PlayStation, from the best PS4 exclusive games to the best PlayStation merch, will be discounted and ready for purchase throughout the weeks (yes, it's weeks now) surrounding Black Friday, so the season isn't just pertinent to those looking exclusively for Black Friday PS4 deals 2019. We've outlined some of the key areas outside of consoles where you expect PlayStation themed price drops, so have a read below to prepare yourself... 

1. Headsets

Our best PS4 headsets guide is constantly being updated, because every month we test more and more new models. While not all of them are necessarily great, we are seeing a gradual improvement in audio quality for PS4 players. This means you can get better tech, for less money, and increasingly superior sound. Sales events like Black Friday are often a fantastic opportunity for retailers to clear out their older stock, or to tempt you into buying the newer models for a slightly lower price. Headsets are a staple of Black Friday, and always see big savings (between 20-33% on average, although some have 40-50% knocked off).

2. Controllers

While not thrilling purchases, we all like to get a new PS4 controller cheap, and during Black Friday this is the kind of item that goes on offer again and again. It's usually the standard black model that sees the bulk of the discounts, but we often see special editions and different colored controllers going cheap, so if you're seeking to spice up your set-up (say that fast, ten times), then November is your best chance at doing that for less cash.

3. VR headsets

This is the biggest gaming investment you can make outside the actual console, and retailers know it. The Black Friday PS4 listings are always littered with PlayStation VR deals, so if you're curious about getting into VR it's always the best time to take the plunge. While you can normally pick up all the basic kit for a reasonable price, the Black Friday sales will usually throw more games in for free (or less money). That's vital here because if you have an expensive peripheral like a VR headset, you really need more than one thing to play on it...

4. Games

Upcoming PS4 games, new games of 2019 and beyond, the best games of 2019 so far... as long as it's not exclusive to another platform, there's a good chance the next game on your wish list will be discounted for PS4 during Black Friday. Better yet, these items will be cheaper than any hardware purchases, too - perfect for those who want to get in on the Black Friday action without draining their wallet of dosh. 

(Image credit: Sony)

Outside the Black Friday PS4 deals: what's available now?

Can't wait for the Black Friday PS4 deals to begin? While that's where you're likely to find the best savings, there are certainly still good reasons - and opportunities - for picking one up ASAP. Maybe your current system broke out of warranty, or maybe you want to pick up the perfect gift on short notice, or maybe you just can't wait to play The Last of Us Remastered while you wait for The Last of Us 2 to arrive. Whatever's got you in such a hurry, here are the best PS4 deals you can find right now according to our deal-hunting bots.

Those deals are for the regular PS4 console. Again, it's the base model and isn't capable of playing games in 4K. If you want a 4K console, which also has the ability to handle 4K streaming services and video, you need to upgrade to the PS4 Pro. Time was, the Pro had a bigger hard drive, but that's no longer the case as most regular PS4s also have the 1TB HDD as standard. Here are the best current prices on PS4 Pro.

Most of these are just for the PS4 console on its own, and you may be looking for deals that include actual games. While they're a little thin on the ground right now, you can still get some offers on PS4 that save you a little money. The whole point here, though, is to wait until November to save money if you can. Here are the two best deals we can find today, for the US.

PS4 deals

Sony PS4 Slim 1TB console | $269 at Walmart (save $30)
You can't argue with a nice little saving like this, even if you'll have to pick out your own games to play on it.View Deal

Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Fortnite bundle | $298.98 at Amazon
This deal won't knock your socks off, but it will give you a headstart into Fortnite with 2,000 V-Bucks and some PlayStation-exclusive items.View Deal

PS4 Pro deals

PS4 Pro console | $369.98 (save $30.01) at Amazon
This is a decent discount on a PS4 Pro. Though it doesn't come with any bundled-in games, you can make up for that with the money you save.View Deal

None of these offers are likely to match the Black Friday PS4 prices, but they're the best you'll find right now. We'll keep them updated, so keep checking back if you need to know where to find a decent PS4 offer immediately. And for more offers on all things PlayStation, check out some more of our buying guides below.

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