Black Friday PC deals - the best prices on gaming PCs, monitors, keyboards, and more


If you're waiting for the Black Friday PC deals to start... you don't have long to wait now. It's an exciting time to be building a PC, and while Black Friday's PC deals will see reductions in the price of graphics cards, SSD hard drives, CPUs and the like, you can probably pick up a few bargains right now, if you know where to look. If you're looking for some handy guides to put together your own machine, let us teach you how to build a gaming PC, or take a peek at our budget gaming PC build and high end gaming PC build. Now that the cryptocurrency frenzy has somewhat abated, GPUs are reasonably affordable again, and with Nvidia launching their much-anticipated 20-series gamers have brand new chipsets to salivate over. 

But if you're looking for even more bonkers price slashing and smoking hot flash deals, your best bet for PC parts, especially for gaming, is going to be in November. The Black Friday PC deals will officially start on Friday November 23, but you can expect to see them flooding in a couple of weeks before that. Like most other consumer electronics, PC parts tend to see big discounts on Black Friday, so if you're looking for a gift to blow the PC geek in your life's mind or just want some flashy new hardware for yourself, Black Friday sales are a fantastic place to start. 

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When does Black Friday 2018 go down?

American Thanksgiving is on November 22nd this year, which means that the real event starts the following day, on the 23rd. Truthfully, though, the Black Friday PC  deals will probably begin in earnest days or even weeks earlier, with the way sales continue to grow, like Destiny's Black Garden, both backwards and forwards through time. Now that retailers have effectively muted the criticisms leveled at them when they started rolling out the Black Friday madness on Thanksgiving (and therefore ensuring employees in the US had to work through the holiday), I wouldn't be surprised to see BF fever begin as early as Monday of that week. Keep your dial locked to GamesRadar, we'll keep you appraised of every deal we can sniff out as they materialize.

So why is it called Black Friday, and what actually is it?

Black Friday kicked off back in the 1960s, and is so named because it represented the first time in the fiscal year that retailers started operating 'in the black,' that is at a profit. The idiom derives from a time when bookkeepers and accounts would record profits in black ink in their ledgers, and losses in a garish red. 

It's the rare sort of retail holiday that grew organically from people's behaviors (and has been, of course, mercilessly exploited for maximum profit since). Because Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday a lot of businesses grant their employees a four day weekend, and as the day after Thanksgiving traditionally heralds the beginning of the Christmas season, forces conspired to create a delirious gift-buying blitz. The long and short of it is that Black Friday means a tremendous glut of doorbuster deals and, in our modern digital age, more than a week of crazy sales on items commonly given as gifts; recreation items, appliances, and consumer electronics most prominently.

Black Friday PC deals - what to expect

With the 20-series of Nvidia graphics cards dominating headlines, I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of sales on older GPUs during this years Black Friday bonanza, maybe even a high profile sale or two on the 2080 itself (still feels too early to see discounts on the 2080 Ti, but it's not impossible). I'd also look for online retailers like Newegg or TigerDirect to feature some great deals on barebones kits or other individual components to complement GPU sales. 

Big box retailers, when they do push PC sales on Black Friday, tend to focus on complete machines, but it's not unheard of for Best Buy or Walmart to highlight a high profile GPU as part of their Black Friday lineup, though it may be buried in the back of the circular/ad copy, so don't be afraid to do a little digging. Or, save yourself the time and check-in at GamesRadar - we'll be updating you with every PC parts deal available as they pop in advance of the big day. For now, check out our best graphics cards feature, to get you started.

You'll also see great discounts on the best gaming monitors too, as 2017 was a huge one for displays. Will you get good deals on the best gaming keyboards too? You bet - it'll be an excellent time to accessorize your rig.

Black Friday 2018 - what to watch for on GamesRadar

We'll have hubs for all kinds of gaming-related Black Friday sales, so keep your eyes on the site around mid-November and we'll keep you in the loop with all the craziest price cuts. In the meantime, check out some of the best buys on PC parts available right now, to tide you over until you can build the PC gaming beast of your dreams.

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