Black Friday gave The Uncharted Collection a 999% sales boost

Well, someone hit the right price point over the weekend. The latest numbers in from GfK Chart Track show Nathan Drake: The Uncharted Collection getting a +999% sales boost off the back of Black Friday bundles and sale offers.

Considering the game also comes with a beta code for this weekend's Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta that should have some interesting ramifications for the imminent online test. Nate wasn't the only one to win big from the blackness of the Friday, with GTA 5 getting a 385% boost, Forza 6 was up 381% and Halo 5 195%. Cheap prices make people buy stuff. Who knew?

Other stats show that PS4 and Xbox One had a 70% share of the the total software sold, although diplomatically there's no breakdown between formats. That said, I've a hunch that the 30 million selling PS4 might have the edge there.

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