BioShock 2 was almost a semi-prequel hybrid

“Originally, the Big Sister was a unique character who you fought as frequently as you do now, but couldn’t defeat. And back then Eleanor was the Big Sister. A couple of things irritated me about that: she was too far gone, your input wouldn’t lead to anything, she was too fragmented, and had already done too many terrible things for you to feel like you had done much.

“Another thing was that it felt like a bad twist in the sense that ‘Ooh, the Big Sister was your Little Sister,’ and that was never the intent. Dramatically it had to be that way, because it had to feel like she was the antagonist at first. So a combination of pressures led to that shift to multiple Big Sisters as enforcers and Eleanor taking up the mantle later.

“I’m definitely happier with how it turned out, but I’ve learned my lesson with telling too much early on. With any mystery game I work on in the future, I’m going to be super reticent with details.”