BioShock 2 strategy guide

Multiplayer tips

Taking out a Big Daddy is a great rush in single-player, but is almost newsworthy when there’s a human player underneath that big ol’ diving helmet. They make formidable foes in multiplayer – in free-for-all contests, you’re best off avoiding direct confrontations altogether, instead picking off foes who have been badly injured in combat.

The basics
You have a choice between six of Rapture’s finest citizens – in truth, the difference is purely cosmetic, although each one has a unique melee weapon. Each character can be leveled up to a maximum of 40, in turn unlocking new audio logs, which explain their motivations for signing up to Sinclair Solutions’ experimental program.

Above: Multiplayer takes you back to the ’50s. Good times were had by all

Before going into battle, you can create and store up to three loadouts, which you can switch between freely between lives. This can prove useful during game modes such as Turf War and Capture the Sister, where your objectives may require you to flit between offensive and defensive at a moment’s notice. A good offensive loadout might contain the likes of the shotgun and plasmids such as Incinerate, whereas Geyser Traps, Telekenesis and Aero Dash are the plasmids to keep the opponents at bay when you’re looking to run the clock down.

Above: Remember – when you’re carrying a Sister, you can only use your plasmids

The rewards system is similar Modern Warfare 2’s. You earn new weapons and upgrades by winning ADAM in combat. ADAM is awarded as below:

Kill an enemy – 10 ADAM
Assist a kill – 5 ADAM
Hack a machine – 5 ADAM
Research corpse – 10 ADAM
Collect an ADAM Vial – 10 ADAM
Three-in-a-row killing streak – 50 ADAM
Big Daddy Suit – 50 ADAM
Trial Awards – various, but always plentiful. Similar to MW2’s challenges

Above: Want the really big ADAM awards? You’re going to have to get through this jerk here

Sister act
During ‘Capture the Sister’ rounds, the attacking team should also aim to take out the Big Daddy first. You won’t have a chance in hell of surviving an attempted Sister snatch with that big lug around.