BioShock 2 strategy guide

Big Sisters
An utter pain to deal with, and to make matters worse, you can’t hypnotise anyone else to fight alongside you, as she’ll dispatch them in double quick time. The best thing you can do is keep them at arms’ distance by defending yourself with plasmids such as Cyclone Trap or Telekinesis, neither of which will deliver much damage, but will allow you to get some potshots in before retreating to another safe spot. When she closes in on you, make sure to position your back against a wall, but avoid being boxed in as she’ll finish you off in no time. She only arrives after you’ve dealt with a Little Sister, so be sure to stock up before doing so. Later in the game, you’ll encounter two Big Sisters in one go – now’s the time to use that Hypnosis plasmid!

Above: Big Sisters are scary at the best of times, but they’ve never been quite this scary. Arggggghhhh… run…

Defending a Little Sister
If you have a Little Sister in your possession, you can get her to lead you to the nearest ADAM goldmine by following the on-screen scent. It’ll take her a little while to pump the ADAM out of its previous owner, however, and the smell will attract the entire world to her, so it’s your job to prevent the splicer hoard from distracting her from her work. She can’t actually die, but her progress bar will be severely disrupted if you let anyone get too close, and if you die, you’ll need to start again. Place trip wires and turrets around strategically before starting the process, stock up on first aid kits, and hack any nearby health stations beforehand to help your chances of success. Cyclone traps and Insect Swarm pouches are also your friends.

Above: Doing this is a pain in the oxygen tank. Still, the Sisters seem happy enough

Shut it!
If you triggeran alarm, it’s not necessarily a trip to the Vita-Chamber sin bin for you. There’s almost always a bot shutdown device nearby. The tricky part is reaching it in the first place…

Gene Tonics
Plasmids are self-explanatory and you’ll probably already have an idea of what ones you wish to use, but what of the gene tonics, the other goodies you can purchase with ADAM? They use slots separatefrom those of the plasmids, and are not only considerably cheaper, but in the long run, every bit as beneficial. But which ones to buy?

That depends on your playing style, but we recommend tonics that will have a constant benefit, such as lowering vending machine prices, or fixing it so first aid kits restore EVE as well as health. We’ve already extolled the benefits of ploughing your money into making hacking easier, so do that and extra slots are a given. Lifting the limits on how many EVE hypos and first aid kits you can carry will pay dividends in the long run, too.

Demo data
Also from Fontaine Futuristics -try making use of the demonstration machines during the fight in the plasmid testing zone. You can whip up some hair-raising results!

Above: You’ll want to speed Project Delta up, as a priority. He’s a bit chunky

It’s tempting to stick with the obvious choices – Incinerate, Winter Blast, Electro Bolt – but good things come to those who experiment. The joys of the Hypnosis plasmid have already been explained earlier, and even seemingly useless ones, such as the Insect Swarm, can be used in creative ways if fully upgraded – in this case, any splicer killed by the swarm becomes an impromptu trap – anyone who blunders into their corpse will reawaken the insects. Plasmids can be combined to good effect – for example, a firestorm can be created by firing Incinerate into a Cyclone Trap – but both slots and ADAM are at a premium, so it’s best not to spread yourself too thin.

Above: No point splashing out on Electro Bolt AND Incinerate – choose one and specialize

Plasmid power!
Towards the end of the game, you’ll earn a brand new plasmid, which we’re not going to spoil for you here. It’s the most powerful plasmid in the game. Use it as much as possible.