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Big Damn Game Deals Today!

ThosePS3 Greatest Hits titleswe teased last week have turned very real, very fast. Walmart is holding a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal, which includes newly red boxed Killzone 2, Infamous and Resistance 2. That's THREE games for $60. LittleBigPlanet looks to be out-of-stock so you'd bestmove quickly.Click hereto take advantage.

Above: Click the pic to shop

As if it weren't already putting some stiff competition to Modern Warfare 2,Battlefield Bad Company 2is Amazon's Deal of the Day, making it even cheaper than Infinity Ward's considerably older shooter. $46 on PS3/360 and $36 on PC. Make haste!This deallasts 24 HOURS!

Better still on Amazon, buying Mass Effect 2 will essentially land you the original Mass Effect FREE of charge! Can't think of a better way for those holding out to finally dive into the entire Shepard Saga, plus it breaks down to getting ME2 for $30! Act soon,this dealexpires on April 10th.

Apr 5, 2010