Bicycle Casino 2005 Cheats

Bicycle Casino 2005 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Cjmcclaren

    Get 1,000 extra tokens

    To get 1,000 extra tokens you only have to run out and it will ask you if you want to reset you money to 1,000. select yes.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Sen Robb

    Startup Money

    Go to "craps" and select it, then choose "Limit Games". Next select "$50-$1,000 Limits". Once at the Crap Table, bet a $1,000 on double 1's or double 6's... Then roll the dice, if you lose, just hit "A" (the green button) 3 times... this will bring you right back to the craps table, where you can bet a $1,000 again... keep doing this until you win... You should end up with $31,000, which is enough to play most of the games. If you lose all your money, go back to the craps table and repeat the process to earn $31,000 again.