Bethesda delivers more Fallout 3 tease

Bethesda is teasing Fallout fans champing at the bit for the developer's RPG Fallout 3 with a new piece of concept art that shows more city destruction. Check it out below.

Thecountdown to the first trailer from the sequel now stands at 20 days. Who knows what we'll be shown? But whatever it is, let's hope it thrills, entertains and impresses. Otherwise we'll gouge out our eyeballs and feed them to a gerbil.

Bethesdarecently revealed it's secured the vocal talents of Liam Neeson for the game's lead character, and has said previously of Fallout 3 that "Some people will like it, some people will hate it... not everybody is going to agree with the game we're making."

May 16, 2007