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Best issue of OXM on sale

Mark your calendars, because March 10, 2009 will go down in history as the day that the best issue of the Official Xbox Magazine hit newsstands. That’s right. Next to money, OXM’s April, 2009 issue will be the most valuable thing that’s been printed on paper. Ever.

Okay, so we’re exaggerating… a little. But that’s just because our friends at OXM have put together an exceptionally excellent issue. Pick it up for their exclusive hands-on preview of the next Wolfenstein game - and learn how to kill the most evil and racist bad guys of all time: undead Nazis. Also, meet Ben Heckendorn and see his amazing hardware mods, which range from a one-handed controller (made for a soldier wounded in Iraq) to his amazing homemade Bill Paxton pinball machine. And be sure to check out the review of OXM’s highest-scoring XBLA game of all time, and find out what their editors think about Fight Night Round 4, Terminator Salvation, and Singularity.

WARNING: OXM’s latest issue is highly flammable and full of fun facts

Above: Is green the new red? Find out how Raven Software is messing with reality in the next Wolfenstein

Mar 6, 2009