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  • PS3 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Battleship Trophy List

    Trophy List

    A Global Force (Platinum)
    Collect all Trophies.

    Welcome to the Islands (Bronze)
    Complete "The Arrival" on any Difficulty.

    The Dome (Bronze)
    Complete "Construction" on any Difficulty.

    Infestation (Bronze)
    Complete "Overrun" on any Difficulty.

    Mighty Mo (Bronze)
    Complete "The Big Guns" on any Difficulty.

    No Man Left Behind (Silver)
    Complete "They're Back!" on any Difficulty.

    Escort (Silver)
    Complete "Retaliation" on any Difficulty.

    The Bigger They Are… (Silver)
    Complete "End Game" on any Difficulty.

    Earth's Hero (Gold)
    Complete the game on any Difficulty.

    Navy Distinguished Service (Gold)
    Complete the game on Captain Difficulty or higher.

    Navy Cross (Gold)
    Complete the game on Admiral Difficulty.

    Incoming! (Bronze)
    Used your first support call.

    Naval Mastery (Bronze)
    Occupied all support positions in "Overrun".

    Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight? (Bronze)
    Downed a Thug with the pistol.

    Extra Credit (Bronze)
    Downed 3 or more enemies with one shot from the Railgun.

    Bombs away! (Bronze)
    Downed 5 enemies with one support call.

    E.O.D. (Bronze)
    Disarm or plant 20 charges.

    Officer of the Deck (Bronze)
    Defeated 40 enemy vessels in Ship Control gameplay.

    Locked and Loaded (Bronze)
    Fully outfit a ship with the maximum number of Wild cards available.

    Fish In A Barrel (Silver)
    Down 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD.

    Quick Draw (Silver)
    Down 40 enemies with the Pistol.

    Lawnmower (Silver)
    Down 40 enemies with the KRAW.

    Sharp Shooter (Silver)
    Down 40 enemies with the Carbine.

    Up Close and Personal (Silver)
    Down 40 enemies with the Shotgun.

    High Velocity (Silver)
    Down 40 enemies with the Alien Railgun.

    Fire in the Hole! (Bronze)
    Down 40 enemies with Grenades.

    Oliver Hazard Perry (Silver)
    Destroy 10 enemy ships with the USS Chesapeake.

    Arleigh Burke (Silver)
    Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS John Quincy Adams.

    Los Angeles (Silver)
    Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS Laredo.

    Ticonderoga (Silver)
    Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS Yukon.

    Iowa (Silver)
    Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS Missouri.

    Rain of Fire (Gold)
    Down 200 enemies with artillery support calls.

    Down But Not Out! (Bronze)
    Recover 5 ships.

    PEGS! (Bronze)
    Found all 28 hidden pegs.

Battleship Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Austin 3:16

    Move Ships Faster(hint)

    When no ship or island is by you and you are moving a ship type s

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Passwords

    2 QYBGTK
    3 QYGZXK
    4 GKPQZP
    5 QRKGTD
    6 QPDGYM
    7 QQLGTD
    8 QXFGTL
    9 QNMGTK
    10 NPGGYM
    11 NXHGTL
    12 NQBGYD
    13 NQZGPD
    14 NNCGYK
    15 HJXQCN
    16 NYDGTK
    17 NWLGTM
    18 NTFGTB
    19 NRMGTD
    20 BBQQBP
    21 YPHGTM
    22 YRBGTD
    23 YRZGXD
    24 YQCGTD
    25 YSKGPC
    26 BCSQBV
    27 BDVQJQ
    28 YYFGPK
    29 BJRQZN
    30 TRGGTD
    31 JDNQJQ
    32 TXBGTL
    33 ZKTQKP
    34 ZHPQCW
    35 JCXQJV
    36 TVDGTL
    37 TTLGPB
    38 JZWQKX
    39 JMRQCQ
    40 PXGGTL
    41 CHNQBW
    42 CGYQJS
    43 CDTQZQ
    44 CBPQBP
    45 CMXQCQ
    46 CKSQJP
    47 CLVQZV
    48 PPFGYM
    End PQMGTD