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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Bleake Island: Trophies 

GCPD Lockup

Check by the main desk in the Evidence Room to find this inside a case.

Urbarail bridge near GCPD Lockup

Northeast of the GCPD Lockup, find this bridge with a video advertising board on it, then grapple up to the bridge platform and look in the nearby control room to find this.

Under Urbarail bridge near GCPD Lockup

Just under the very same control room is a Riddler puzzle. Hit the Riddler switch with your Batarang to step inside, then use the Batmobile's remote function and winch to move the walls out of your way.

Kord Industries

This is found in the central part of the Kord Industries plaza. Look up to find a destructible wall, and blast it away with the Batmobile's cannon. Use the Batclaw to grab the trophy hanging on the other side.

Kord Industries

On the eastern tower of the Kord plaza is another trophy, but you'll have to travel to Miagani Island to free it from its cage. Drive to the bridge on the southern end to find a panel you can charge up with the Batmobile's winch. This will start a timer on the trophy's cage. Floor it back to Bleake Island, then launch yourself and grapple up to the trophy before time expires.

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