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Where to find and how to beat the Pitioss Ruins in Final Fantasy 15

Beaten Final Fantasy 15 already? Don't go thinking you've experienced everything the game has to offer. Once the main story is cleared, there's still plenty of things for Noctis and his pals to do - like find the hidden Pitioss Ruins dungeon and clear it, for example. 

Our FF15 reviewer David Roberts walks you through this intricate, tricky labyrinth step-by-step so you too can claim the powerful Black Hood - an item that lets you automatically evade attacks - at the end. Just be sure to set aside some time; even with our near-flawless walkthrough, it still took us 40 minutes to beat the thing.

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Sam Prell
Sam has a soft spot for MOBAs, MMOs, and emo music. Forever a farm boy, forever a '90s kid.