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Warzone best sniper loadouts: The best AX-50 and HDR set-ups

Warzone best sniper loadout
(Image credit: Activision)

If you want to kill people from afar, you need to get your hands on the Warzone best sniper loadouts. The map in Call of Duty Warzone is absolutely enormous, so sniper rifles can be the best weapon type in the game... in the right hands, anyway. Getting a one-hit-kill from hundreds of metres away is not easy, but these two classes for the AX-50 and the HDR — the two best snipers in Warzone — are both worth using. Read on for the full details on the Warzone best sniper loadouts.

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Warzone best sniper - AX-50 loadout

Warzone best sniper loadout: AX-50

(Image credit: Activision)

There are two styles of play you can go for with snipers in Warzone; close quarters combat like quickscoping, or picking people off from a distance. The AX-50 is more suited to the former, so this is the sniper you want to use for quickscoping players and dashing about, while also being able to damage enemies at range. Just remember to have some sort of alternative for closer range. Use the Overkill perk to bring another primary if you can, as having something to fall back on shorter range is always going to be helpful here. 

Barrel: 17.0" Factory Barrel
Laser: Tac Laser
Optic: Cronen C480 Pro Optic
Stock: Singuard Arms Assassin
Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Warzone best sniper - HDR loadout

Warzone best sniper loadout: HDR

(Image credit: Activision)

The HDR on the other hand is more like a cannon, with heavy, booming high-impact shots. It also has less attachment options since you can't chuck a rear grip on there, but this is much more suited to pop heads across fields and streets. Again, Overkill and a second primary is going to be useful given the near monolithic nature of this weapon. However, given this is much more of a 'waiting for your shot' kind of option a mine or claymore can be handy to cover you. While the Ghost or Cold-Blooded perks can help you hide, and the Presence of Mind Perk will help you hold your breath as you line up the perfect shot.

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: 26.9" HDR Pro
Optic: Variable Zoom Scope
Stock: FTAC Champion
Perk: Presence of Mind

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