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Tweets Of The Week

More random sci-fi mutterings from the Twitterati

Ray Harryhausen, the godfather of pre-CGI special effects, is soon to be 90 years old and last week BAFTA and the BFI paid tribute to the veteran, along with a gaggle of famous fans. “The Harryhausen birthday was incredible,” Tweeted film director and Harryhausen nut Edgar Wright ( ). “Every big special effects maestro or director was either in the room or sending messages!” “Among the many geek legends in the room tonight,” he went on later, “I got to meet Phil Tippet, the father of ED-209 and Peter Lord, creator of Morph!” Colour us jealous. “Who or what is your fav Ray character?” asked Wright’s regular cohort Simon Pegg ( ) of his Twitter followers. “Mine is Talos from Jason And The Argonauts .” “Overwhelming support for the skeleton army from Jason And The Argonauts ,” he Tweeted later. “Interestingly one of them went on to win Project Runway .” We think he was joking there...

In other Twitter news, Mark Millar ( ) gave an idea what an average day in his life is like (“Late start and only have until 2.55 to write the last few pages of new Kick-Ass . My life is like an ep of 24 , but with a guy in his pants”); Nathan Fillion ( ) revealed what he does to impress a girl (“Found an empty theater playing Toy Story 3 . Victory! Told my date I rented the theater. Gettin' lucky tonight!”); Paul Cornell ( ) enjoyed the Doctor Who finale in a pub full of fans (“ Doctor Who triumph. Cheering. Floored fans. Mythic grandeur!”); Misha Collins ( ) told how to avoid mistaking him the star of The OC (“For those having difficulty distinguishing Misha Collins from Mischa Barton – it’s easy: Collins is the one who wears bonnets and knits”); and Leonard Nimoy ( ) posted a fantastic pic from his private collection from the 1960s Star Trek series (“In makeup department with the great DeForest Kelley during the original series days. ).