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Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Skill Showcase 

Rocky Road 

6 Rocks Under: Get yourself buried under rocks

From the final checkpoint, aim to drop from the hanging rock onto the downward slope below. This should give you enough speed to bailout from the final jump, launching yourself past the finish line and under the conveyor belt ahead.

You need enough momentum to carry you to the bottom end of the conveyor belt and into the hole.

Once you're down there, wait a few seconds for the rocks to fall.

Welcome to Warp Zone 3!: Find and complete the warp zone!

When you reach the large rock hanging diagonally from chains, lean forwards and use your revs to stop on top of it.

Hold the position for a few seconds and the rock will rise upwards, revealing a portal at the top that you can jump to from the end of the platform.

This will transport you off to yet another tricky warp zone course.

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Eco Park 

Afterburner: Fly through all of the rings of fire

At the start of the track, reverse onto the afterburner then pull back on the stick to launch yourself into the air.

Carefully steer your way through every ring of fire, aiming as close to the centre of each one as possible to make sure they count.

The Challenge will be awarded when you pass through the final ring of fire, as long as you didn't miss any out along the way.

Darksider: Stay up late and complete Eco Park’s dark side

When you get to the large counter display near the start of the track, reverse onto the red button and wait there until the counter reaches 10.

Night will fall and you'll be transported to a tougher version of the course to complete.

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Protected Species: Don’t hurt the penguins!

At the start of the track, reverse down the ramp to reveal a large penguin that dives down a hole as you approach.

Complete the track, which is now populated with penguins at various points to get in your way.

Thankfully, despite what the name of the Challenge suggests you can hit the penguins, they'll just make you fall off your bike.

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Cold Storage 

Reconnecting…: Get metal to metal to reconnect the device

After jumping up a couple of hanging crates with lights on the sides, bailout over the next stack of three crates to the hanging sloping platform beyond.

Here you need to try and grab the cables hanging down, then let go to drop under the platform and grab the crate below.

Once you're holding onto the crate, use the left stick to swing back and forth until the connection is made with the other cables hanging down.

Blackout: Short circuit the electricity to kill the lights

Bailout from the first upward ramp at the start of the track and aim for the sparking cables hanging from the ceiling.

Grab the cable and hang on for a few seconds, until there's a short circuit and the lights go out.

You then need to respawn and complete a faultless run of the track or the lights will reset--plenty of practice in advance is recommended.

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Little Waddling Bundles of Joy!: Find the penguin’s home

Near the finish, drop carefully off the end of the fallen tree trunk onto the ledge below.

Now reverse to drop into the hole with smoke coming out of it.

This will drop you into the penguin's home and trigger a cutscene.

Human Pine Cone: Join the other cones on the pine tree

When you reach the partially collapsed bridge, bailout and fall through the gap to the left of the checkpoint.

Grab the pine tree as you fall down, then keep holding on.

After a few seconds a flock of birds will fly off as the camera moves back.

Penguin Chase!: Catch that penguin!

At the start of the track, reverse to find a penguin perched on the rocks.

As you approach the penguin, it hops over you and sets off down the track.

Now you have to chase it down and catch it before the finish on a faultless run--make sure you practice the route before trying this Challenge.

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