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Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Cactus Challenge 

Road to Ruin 

Playmaker: Offer at least 1 football to the god of footballs in the temple ruins

Reverse into the alcove at the start of the track to hook a trailer full of footballs to the back of your quad.

Try to keep as many balls in the trailer as possible, though ultimately you only need one to be in there to keep going.

Make it to the giant football in the temple ruins with at least one ball to complete the Challenge.

Ancient Squirrels Crossing: Obey the speed limit at the temple ruins

Slow right down when you see the speed limit sign at the start of the temple ruins, then crawl through the rest of the track at low speed.

You'll hear a beeping noise that speeds up to warn you if you're going too fast--be especially careful on the downhill sections.

If you go over the speed limit or bail at any point within the temple ruins, you'll need to restart the track and try again.

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Penguin Wash!: Dunk all of the penguins underwater

After crossing the road, continue past a couple more checkpoints then stop at the end of the metal ramp--you may just be able to make out a penguin sign in the background here.

Now roll backwards and reverse back down the track until you get to the road, where a portal has now appeared.

This will whisk you off to an Angry Birds-style minigame--simply launch your quad off the ramp to bring down the towers and dunk the penguins.

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Sunrise Dash 

Mirror Mode: Hit the gyroscope and complete the inverted version of the track

At the start of this silhouetted track, reverse through the wall to reveal the gyroscope and ride into it.

You'll then be transferred to an inverted version of the track, driving from right to left, where you need to complete a faultless run.

Get to the end without crashing and the Challenge will unlock.

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Base Invader 

Goal of the Season: Score a wonder goal!

At the start of the track, reverse onto the button to make a football appear in front of you.

Now accelerate forwards and bailout underneath the ball to launch into it with a diving header.

If you hit it at the right speed and angle it'll land in the neon goal ahead.

Club Silencio: Complete the puzzle and release the allegorical blue square!

Ride up to the end of the first metal ramp, then stop and roll backwards. Rock back as you go down ramps to pick up speed.

If you were going fast enough you'll land on a platform below, which will trigger the silo to open beneath you.

Drop down onto the ramp and ride forward to crash in front of the large puzzle machine.

Move the blocks to release the large blue square--one solution for this is laid out above.

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Around the Oasis 

Gymnastics: Complete at least 2 flips after reaching the base

As you hit the first jump into the base, hold back on the left stick to perform a flip--if you crash then just try again from the previous checkpoint until you make it.

With one flip already recorded, pull a backflip from the final ramp onto the roof.

Is it a Mirage?: Catch sunstroke from too much sun, and still perform a zero fault run

On a faultless run, stop and wait next to the penguin sign on a large rocky outcrop near the start.

After around 10 seconds the screen will brighten considerably and hallucinations start to appear. Now complete the rest of your faultless run.

Make it to the finish without crashing and the Challenge will unlock.

Return of the Sphere: Find and complete the hidden maze

Near the end of the track where you normally jump over several pipes, stop at the top of the ramp so an explosion triggers and the arrow sign behind you flips around.

Roll back down the track until you reach the water, where a portal will take you to a rolling sphere minigame.

Steer the ball to the end of the course to complete the Challenge. If you drop off at any point then you can trigger the explosion and roll back again for another go.

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