Total Film Terminator spectacular

Have you checked out the new Terminator Salvation trailer yet? Once you have, you need to check out our sister site because those chaps have pulled on their leathers, chucked on their sunglasses and cocked their shotguns for a Terminator Salvation spectacular - it went live today.

They’ve got exclusive images, a brilliant trailer breakdown, and they’ve even made a video (featuring a special guest reading the latest issue of Total Film on the lav) – all to celebrate Total Film’s 150th issue and its amazing LED cover featuring the flashing red eyes of the Terminator. Yes! Flashing red eyes!

Head to now for all the goodies. But before you go, you can watch the video below – and keep your ears peeled for the soundtrack, which was composed by SFX contributor Sam Ashurst. He loves the music of John Carpenter. You can probably tell.