Thursday News Link-a-mania

Hellboy 2 Images
Poster art for Hellboy 2, featuring Selma Blair as Liz Sherman has just gone up on the official web site . Further poster images featuring Hellboy and Abe Sapien are promised over the next few days.

Green Comedy?
Seth Rogan, he comedy actor who’ll be playing the big screen Green Hornet has been talking to MTV about the role and the reaction to his casting by fans: “Nerds love complaining. You go on Ain’t It Cool News, and everybody complains about everything,” he says. The portly actors also reveals that he’ll be toning up for the role and that currently two versions of the script – “There’s a more comedic version and a less comedic version, and we don’t know what will feel right until we’re actually writing it.”

Big screen Lost ads
We here in the UK will probably have to make do with watching them in tiny boxes on film trailer sites, but, according to E! Online Lost season four will be trailered in US cinemas. The site’s Watch With Kristin column also reports that the insiders are calling the show’s fourth season episodes “crazy good” and will satisfy even people who hate the show. That’s some boast.

Spider-Man 4
Director Sam Raimi talks to Comic Book Resources about the factors influencing him writing, directing or producing Spider-Man 4: “I think that’s going to be up to Sony Pictures, and I think that it’s too early for them to say, actually. But currently I’m working on… well, not now, but as soon as the writers strike’s over… I’m going to begin working with a writer on the screenplay.”