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The Week In Sci-Fi

Brace yourself for seven days of spectacular SF goodness...


Avoid the silent singer by heading to the shops to pick up your copy of Psychoville Series 2, out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Also out today is Pegg and Frost alien road trip Paul and Superman: The Ultimate Collection .

It's been emotional, but it's time to say your goodbyes and remember the good times - Stargate: Universe comes to an end on Sky One at 8pm.

Oh Ned, what will become of you? Find out in Game Of Thrones tonight, Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

There's more Caprica over on Sky One at 11:15pm.


An anomaly opens up inside the ARC, causing all sorts of problems for those lovely Primeval people, Watch at 8pm.

Sanctuary season three is back on Watch from 9pm.


Brothers in arms and breakers of a thousand hearts, the Winchesters are on Sky Living from 10pm in Supernatural .

Meanwhile Fringe continues over on Sky One at 9pm.

Does Alan Moore like it? Well, no. But do we? Hell yes. V For Vendetta fights the system on BBC Three at 9pm.

It sounds like a pub discussion that got out of hand, but Alien Vs Predator is actually not a bad bit of sci-fi fun. 9PM on E4.


Slim pickings tonight, but you can always Chuck it up to the max on Sky Living at 8pm


Join the Corps with Ryan Reynolds today as Green Lantern swathes the picture houses in an emerald glow. Oh yes…

If intergalactic policemen aren’t for you, then perhaps a vampire infestation will be – Stake Land is also out in cinemas today.

Stupidly spelled horror - presumably from the same idiots who named ridiculous boy band 5ive - as Brad Pitt gets in a bit of bother in Se7en , 5USA at 10pm.


Animal martial artists with quick wits and quicker fists? Yes please - Kung Fu Panda is on BBC One at 6:35pm.

Old people and aliens, what more could you want? Cocoon is on Film4 at 6:45pm.

King Arthur has a brief - and steamy - encounter with Guinevere in Camelot , Channel Four at 9pm.


Peter Jackson takes on cinema's most iconic monkey in King Kong , ITV2 at 5:50pm.

Personable League Of Gentlemen chappy gives a guided tour through the vaults in A History Of Horror With Mark Gatiss on BBC Four at 9pm.

Romero zombie classic Day Of The Dead reanimates on BBC Four at 10pm.