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The Week In Sci-Fi

Game Of Thrones arrives on a tide of blood and brilliance, and there's a huge crop of bank holiday TV to keep your Easter suitably sci-fi


Take the sting out of Monday morning by planning your DVD purchases for the week – you’ve got plenty to choose from: Will Young’s supernatural drama Bedlam , Doctor Who: Planet Of The Spiders , Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever , K9 Series One Volume Two , Twilight Zone The Original Series Volume One , Mighty Thor: The Complete Series , Warlock and Tron: Legacy are all out today. Blimey!

Monday nights are suddenly looking, well, great - SG: U continues on Sky One at 8pm tonight.

The mighty Game Of Thrones , eagerly anticipated George RR Martin adaptation and SFX fave, begins on Sky Atlantic tonight at 9. Definitely not for kids…

The Event continues doing it's thang over on Channel 4 at 11:05pm.


The Powells and their powers keep on keepin' on in No Ordinary Family on Sky Living at 8pm.

Sexy school-age blood suckers a go-go on ITV2 tonight as The Vampire Diaries continues from 9pm.

We hope you're ready for the gun show, because it's a-comin' - Jean-Claude Van Damme brings both his arms to bear in Universal Soldier , 5USA at 9pm.


Charlton Heston shows Tim Burton how it should be done in the classic original Planet Of The Apes on Film4 at 6:50pm.

-philes should make their merry way over to Sky One for10pm.


There's more Chuck on Sky Living from 8.

Things are getting pretty heated in V , on Syfy from 9pm.

Alternatively, you could always settle down for a night in with the original (and the best) Tremors , on ITV4 at 9:05pm.


Ease yourself in to the weekend with a visit to your local picture house to catch Luc Besson’s latest Adele Blanc-Sec , or Beauty And The Beast update Beastly .

Kick off your Friday night in true rock and roll style - with a nice, sedate slice of family-friendly Disney. Enchanted is on BBC One from 4:50pm.

Bank holiday gold is on offer over on BBC Three from 7:10 in the form of the peerless Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


Stone cold anime classic and perfect Saturday viewing Spirited Away can be found on BBC2 from 12:00 pm.

The title is a massive lie, but it's a fun piece of family oriented fluff - The Neverending Story is on ITV2 at 12:35pm.

Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins take a trip to the red planet in Mission To Mars , ITV4 from 12:35.

Ru-fi-o, Ru-fi-o - yes, that's right, Hook 's getting a bank holiday airing, on Channel Five from 3.35pm.

A little slice of Terry Gilliam madness to ease you in to Saturday evening sir? I thought as much - Time Bandits is on Film4 at 5.10pm.

New Who! Finally! “The Impossible Astronaut” goes into orbit in Doctor Who , BBC One at 6pm.

More Harrison Ford goodness in the shape of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is on BBC Three at 9pm.


Khaaaaan! Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan is on Film4 from 1pm.

All-new, CG heroes in a half shell can be found on 5* at 1pm in TMNT .

Feel the memories come flooding back with Mary Poppins , flawless Disney fantasy on BBC One at 1:30pm.

James Bond and Han Solo team up and take care of business: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade is on BBC Three from 7pm.

Bill Murray ain't afraid of no ghost - check out Ghost Busters on Channel Five at 7:50 for proof.