The Top 7... Annoying nags that need to STFU

As we've come to expect from any Suda 51 game, this shit is both weird and good in equal measure. The entire game is full of nags ready to bend the ear of main man, Sumio Mundo. Every character Mundo meets is a thinly disguised objective dispenser, happy to dish out pointless tasks that involve lots and lots of walking about. But the king nag is Edo Macalister, the manager of the Flower, Sun and Rain hotel. He redefines 'customer service' as 'bugging your ass'.

At the start of every day - which is actually replaying over and over Groundhog style - things begin with Mundo being woken with a phone call from Edo Macalister. He says something like "Get to the front desk," or "Head to the airport." It all sounds achievable enough. Unfortunately, the hotel's other staff and guests do everything they can to hijack and derail every objective with their own demands for your time. Then the day ends and it all begins again with another call from Edo Macalister. He never relents.

Edo Macalister is by far the most likeable nag on this list, simply because he's deliberately designed to be a fun-poking piss-take of all those characters that have hounded us with asinine objectives in countless other games. So it's only right that we should want him to STFU. Only this time it's with a cherry on the top.

No sooner has Niko been introduced to Michelle and she starts behaving like a sociopathic stalker. She's on the phone all the bloody time. Do we want to go on a date? No not really, but we will until Niko gets to have pretend sex with you. And if she's not calling to request a cheeky little liaison, she's phoning to pry in Niko's affairs.

And Michelle doesn't restrict her nagging to the phone. Pick her up for a date and she's straight on Niko's case. She's either giving it the big one about his poor taste in clothes, or she's endlessly ragging him trying to - not-so - discretely extract information regarding his cousin's criminal activities. Basically, a date with Michelle is like a date with the Spanish Inquisition.

After entertaining Michelle for a couple of dates (until Niko had done the sexy with her), we did the honourable thing and put the kibosh on the 'relationship' by ignoring her calls. It came as no surprise when she was eventually revealed as a snake in the grass. What a bitch.