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The Stepfather review

A murderous sociopath fails to provide any scares in this dull slasher

Just when you thought last year’s Prom Night was the worst of the new wave of ’80s slasher reduxes, director Nelson McCormick goes and outdoes himself.

This drowsy reboot replaces Terry O’Quinn’s sociopath from the ’87 original with Dylan Walsh, a twitchy, off-putting mess of a man.

Walsh’s David Harris drifts from town to town, insinuating himself into the lives of trusting families and then, eventually, killing them.

Mercilessly talky and deathly dull, this bloodless, sex-less misfire plays more like a housewife-baiting telemovie than the taut, teen-centric psycho-thriller it’s supposed to be.

Who’s the daddy? Not this loser.

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