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The Division cheaters will now be permabanned on first offense - so don't, okay?

Don't say Ubisoft didn't warn you: cheaters in third-person quasi-MMO The Division will now be permanently banned from the game, even if it's their first offense.

Previously, Ubisoft issued 14-day suspensions to those caught circumventing the game's systems. Today, the studio announced on the game's official website that, "while huge progress has been made in terms of cheat detection, our 14 days suspension on first offense policy has not been dissuasive enough. Judging from your feedback, and based on what we witnessed when cheaters came back to the game, we have now decided to push our policy one step further." Ubisoft claims to have already doled out more than 3,800 permabans, so it's serious.

The post specifically calls out players who use "cheat engines," so it's possible that exploiting geometry and glitches won't get you kicked out of post-epidemic Manhattan. But still, I wouldn't take any chances. Cheating: not even once

Sam Prell
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