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Sylvester Stallone wont direct The Expendables 2


Sylvester Stallone scored a massive box office coup last year with The Expendables ($275m and counting), but he’s apparently not that keen to helm the action film’s sequel.

Despite previous reports that Stallone was intending to both script and direct The Expendables 2 , 24 Frames have word from an inside source that Stallone will be overseeing the project in more of a godfather role.

A script has already been thrashed out by writing team Ken Kaufman and David Agosta, while Stallone is currently meeting with potential directors for the film.

No names yet, but you can bet he’s setting up time with all the big blockbuster directors he can get his mitts on.

No word, either, just who from the first Expendables cast has officially signed on to the sequel, though we know that Bruce Willis sounds keen.

Could Arnie expand his cameo from the original? And will Jean-Claude Van Damme finally join the OAP fun? Time will tell.