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Steam's Autumn Sale will take a chunk out of your Christmas savings

Valve has just launched its Steam Autumn Sale, turning the last week of November into one big bonus round for anyone with a bit of cash saved for the holidays. While the news is filling with stories of Black Friday hysteria and Cyber Monday productivity-drains, Steam users can quietly get to the business of blowing their holiday nest eggs on daily deals and weekend savings.

Today's deals include 75% (that's only a few percents away from 100%!) off Test Drive Unlimited 2, Men of War: Vietnam, the four-game Oddworld Oddboxx, Orcs Must Die!, the three-title Sam and Max Complete Pack, and Mass Effect 2. There's also savings of 50% or more on Renegade Ops, the Dejobaan Collection and Portal 2. These are just today's deals, which you've got around 20 hours to act on; after that, a whole new list of cut-price items will go up, and the sighing will start anew, and yet another distant relative will be getting a lovely card instead of an actual Christmas present from you in a month's time.

The sale also includes less time-limited savings on games and DLC from pretty much all the major publishers: check each publisher's “New Releases” section for specifics. Nov 27 is when the whole thing winds down and you have to decide whether your remaining funds go to gifts for parents, best friends or your significant other. Bear in mind that it's the latter who'll be watching you play your discounted copy of Black Ops until New Year's.