South Park: The Stick of Truth Friends locations guide

Friends: J-L 

[Day 2] Running the Shop in the Elven Kingdom.

Complete the 'Hide ‘n’ Seek' side quest.

[Day 3] In the girls’ clubhouse after completing the ‘Recruit the Girls’ quest.

Jessie Rodriguez
[Day 3] Complete the ‘Pose as Bebe’s Boyfriend’ quest.

Hiding inside the Church - complete the ‘Find Jesus’ side quest to add him.

[Day 3] Complete the ‘Big Game Huntin’ with Jimbo’ side quest.

[Day 2] Complete the ‘Magical Songs’ side quest.

Sitting on the sofa in Kenny’s house.

Kelly Gardner
Standing outside the orange house between Clyde and Jimmy’s houses.

Kelly Rutherford
Sitting on the bench between Jimmy’s house and the Bus Stop - will only add you when you become popular enough.

Inside Kupa Keep - pick the Daffodil and give it to him to complete the 'Flower for a Princess' side quest.

Kevin Stoley
In his bedroom - complete the ‘Vulcan Around’ side quest to add him.

Mr. Kim
Inside City Wok - complete the 'Mongolian Beef' side quest to add him.

[Day 2] Side with Kyle in the ‘Gain New Allies’ quest, OR [Day 3] Start the ‘Recruit the Girls’ quest.

[MISSABLE] [Day 2] Go into the Fifth Grade classroom during the 'Attack the School' quest.

Leroy Mullens
[Day 3] Use your Gnome Dust power to climb through the vent inside the South Park Gazette and get up on the roof.

Standing in the Post Office - will only add you when you become popular enough.

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