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South Park: The Stick of Truth Chinpokomon locations guide

Chinpokomon 21-30  

21) Pterdaken
[MISSABLE] [Day 2] During the ‘Attack the School’ quest, open the locker on the right-hand side of the upstairs hallway then shoot it down with a ranged weapon.

22) Biebersaurus
[Day 3] At the far end of the sewers, use your Nagasaki magic to break the boulder then look behind the rock.

23) Brocorri
Outside the Tower of Peace - use your Cup-A-Spell magic on the flaming lantern to melt the frozen Chinpokomon next to it.

24) Velocirapstar
In an open window at Token’s house - shoot it down with a ranged weapon.

25) Flowerpotamus
On a shelf in Skeeter’s Bar - shoot it down with a ranged weapon.

26) Beetlebot
[MISSABLE] Up on some screens when heading to the alien ship cockpit during the ‘Alien Abduction’ quest - shoot it down with a ranged weapon.

27) Cosmonewt
[Day 2] Use the probe in the middle of Stark’s Pond to teleport to an underwater crashed UFO.

28) RabbiTech
In the Evidence Room upstairs in the Police Station - climb the ladder before pressing the button to move it.

29) Roidrat
[MISSABLE] In Jimmy’s attic - access during ‘The Bard’ quest.

30) Terribovine
[Day 3] Outside Tweek Bros. Coffee under the bench - use your Gnome Dust power to get underneath it.

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