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5 upcoming PS4 games revealed in surprise announcement

(Image credit: Surgical Scalpels Studio)

Surprise! Sony revealed five upcoming PS4 games in a string of announcements this morning. These came out of nowhere, and all five games look mighty interesting. Here's everything that was shown. 


Boundary is a competitive first-person shooter set in space. Not a far-off planet or anything, but like the actual nothingness of space. You're adrift on what looks like a satellite, surrounded by the perilous void of the infinite. And you have guns! 

You've also got multiple playable "Astroperators" to choose from, each with their own special abilities which can be further customized through dedicated loadouts. For example, one Astroperator, Lucas, can choose between Assault and Sniper roles. As an Assault fighter, Lucas can use an adrenaline shot to temporarily boost his senses, and as a Sniper, he can deploy a mobile platform that gives him stable footing to line up shots. 

It does feel a bit strange to see people in straight-up astronaut suits light each other up on the hull of a satellite, but whatever, I'm down. I mean, it has a grappling hook, of course I'm down.

Boundary is fundamentally a zero-gravity shooter with some truly epic set-dressing, and its core idea - "If man engaged in conflict in outer space, what would it look like?" - is pretty original.

Boundary will launch on PS4 and PC later this year. 

Going Under

Next up is a roguelite game called Going Under, which sees you use exploring the offices of abandoned tech startups and using the junk you find around them as weapons. It sounds hilarious and it's vibrant art style makes it look like it'll be an absolute blast. 

The story focuses on Jackie, whose (unpaid) marketing internship quickly turns into heading down into the basement to fight off monsters. Yeah, I'm really into this. Going Under is being developed by Aggro Crab Games and will be launching this September.  

 John Wick Hex 

The John Wick strategy game that nobody saw coming is now coming to PS4. Bithell Games' John Wick Hex marries the badassery of John Wick to the intricacies of XCOM, and the result is both a stellar game and a worthy addition to the John Wick family. Studio boss Mike Bithell cooperated directly with series director Chad Stahelski while developing Hex, and you can really feel that authenticity in the game's atmosphere. Mechanically and visually, John Wick Hex is a triumph, and it's great to see it coming to PS4 this year. 

You can learn more about the making of John Wick Hex here.  


We were expecting at least one of the games revealed today to launch very soon, and sure enough, Biped is coming to PS4 next week on Wednesday, April 8. 

Biped is a co-op action-platformer starring adorable bipedal robots. It's wacky physics aren't too far removed from the likes of Human Fall Flat, which was actually one of developer Next Studios' biggest inspirations, and its clean, colorful art is infectiously charming. Next Studios reckons it will be easy to learn but hard to master, which is perfect for co-op, especially when playing with strangers online. I'm getting big Snipperclips vibes, which is very promising. 

The focus is on working with your partner to solve puzzles and clear challenges, but Biped also has a solo mode to go with its co-op missions. Beyond that, there are "extra hard pro" missions that combine the teachings of co-op and solo missions to build a high-stakes gauntlet that demands near-perfect platforming execution.


Rounding out today's reveals is Windbound, a gorgeous survival-crafting game about exploring a mysterious island. You play as Kara, who washes up on the aforementioned island after a fierce storm sinks her vessel. 

According to developer 5 Lives Studios, Windbound is heavily survival-focused at first, with Kara struggling to get her bearings and secure the essentials after washing ashore. However, as Kara becomes more confident in her living situation, she's able to explore more ambitiously, harnessing the wind and sea through a glider and raft. This lets her see more of the island, which is procedurally generated for each player. In addition to beasts and biomes, it's home to ruins and artifacts which seem to connect Kara to the island itself. 

Windbound is coming to PS4 on August 28. 

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