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Skyrim Word Wall location and Shout guide

Dragontooth Crater

Word: Elemental Fury
North and just a bit east of Sky Haven Temple, northeast of Markarth.

This is another Word Wall that is easy to reach early on. There are two ways to get there:

* If you’ve reached Sky Haven Temple in the main storyline then simply head north from the Karthspire entrance area to reach the roost in a rather direct route.

* Should you choose to go there before Sky Haven Temple use the carriage outside of Whiterun to fast travel to Markarth. From there go towards the standing stone on your map then make your way further to the northeast to reach the roost.

Once there it’s a simple matter of killing the dragon guarding the word wall and looting the chest nearby.

Dustman’s Cairn

Word: Fire Breath
Northwest of Winterhold

To get into this location you’re going to need to join up with the Companions. One of the first quests they send you on, “Proving Honor”, tasks you with exploring this location with one of their senior members, Farkas. This brute makes exploring the dungeon incredibly easy so grab the quest there before heading on down. On one playthrough this location did show up as unlocked before joining the Companions but on the other two it was locked with no way to get inside with the only option being to join the Companions and do this quest.

While joining the Companions just to get this Shout can be annoying if you weren’t already planning to do so Fire Breath is one of the best Shouts in the game. A level three use of it will tear through the health of all enemies caught in a rough cone in front of you, knocking the victims back in addition. Even better it will burn them, continuing to deal damage after the initial impact. Plus you can choose to meditate on the word Fire with Paarthurnax later on, increasing the damage that this Thu’um deals. That makes this a powerful weapon against ice based enemies (including Dragons) and non-elemental enemies both.

For the sake of spoilering something big the section dealing with it has been removed from the video entirely. It also ends before the big brawl at the end of this but that section is rather simple thanks to having Farkas along for the ride. It’s more of an endurance test than a difficult fight really.

Eldersblood Peak

Word: Disarm
In the mountain range directly south of Morthal

While this word wall is really easy to get to the Disarm word is all but useless so it’s not worth going out of your way to get here. If you do decide to go after this wall head to Morthal and then travel south, following the mountains until you find a narrow mountain path. This will lead you to the word wall guarded by both a Frost Troll and the usual dragon.


Word: Frost Breath
More or less dead center between southeast of Solitude and northwest of Morthal

While not an especially hard dungeon Folgunthur is just long enough to be a strain on your resources. This dungeon is jam packed with enemies leveled for you and individually they aren’t too much of a threat. But for the non-mages out there it’s quite easy to find yourself whittled down by the various attacks and traps, using up most of your health potions. Move through the dungeon slowly and watch the floor so that you avoid stepping on pressure plates and conserve those health potions. If you start to run low and get hurt stop and wait to regenerate your health before moving on instead of using health potions.

The reason you need to be concerned about running low on health potions is because of the final fight of this dungeon. Mikrul Gaulderson, a boss level Draugr, can tear through your health with ease and he has several Draugr acting as reinforcements. For stealthy types hiding in a corner and firing arrows helps with thinning the herd and mages do well simply by using their strongest spells, notably fire spells, to shred through the undead. Straight up fighters should hopefully be able to tank Mikrul or this is going to be a tough battle. When in doubt use a shield to reduce incoming damage and counterattack.


Word: Storm Call
Southeast of Riften on the other side of a small mountain range

Forelhost is possibly one of the most difficult side dungeons in the entire game. Every step of the way you are confronted by some of the toughest Draugr that your level allows. They come in such numbers that even the most dedicated melee warriors will find themselves having a hard time battling the large groups these guys can come in. As such caution is really called for when plundering this dungeon since any corner can lead into an ambush.

But for those of you who only care about getting the word and have no interest in doing the side quest here, nor the Dragon Priest mask held inside, there is a way to climb the building itself to get to the Word Wall. It involves a whole lot of jumping, grunting and building humping but it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Forsaken Cave

Word: Marked for Death
A ways west of Windhelm along the river

Another easy location to clear, there are only two tough spots in the Forsaken Cave. The first occurs just after entering and involves a fight against a Frost Troll. The second is the boss, Curalmil, a rather tough Draugr. So long as you can defeat the Frost Troll at the entrance, a fire weapon helps obviously, the boss shouldn’t be much harder to defeat.

If you’re a melee oriented character then you’ll want the Marked for Death word so make coming to this place a priority.

Frostmere Crypt

Word: Ice Form
Southwest of Dawnstar

As you near the entrance to the Frostmere Crypt you will see a woman named Eisa Blackthorn fighting some bandits outside. Chat with her or kill her as you choose it really doesn’t matter, either way it will start up the quest The Pale Lady. With that quest set you can simply follow the quest marker down through the Crypt to the quests conclusion where the wall is also located. There are a bunch of enemies

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