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The Sims 4 essential Starter guide

Buying and building a house 

Once you've satisfactorily dolled up your Sim, it's time to move them into a house so that they can get a job, meet people, or be entombed in a box room with a fridge full of orange juice, no toilet, windows on every available vertical surface and no door.

You can choose to move them into Willow Creek or Oasis Springs, into a vacant house (furnished or unfurnished) or onto an empty plot of land where you can create your own vision of home. It's also possible to evict existing residents from their houses and move in on their turf if you have the cash and a mean streak.

Each neighbourhood has a number of vacant houses, empty plots and places for your Sim to mingle and you can visit residents or establishments in a different neighbourhood from the World Select screen.

Building from scratch is pretty easy with preset 'styled' rooms available if you're running out of design ideas. The top icon is build mode which lets you view exterior items just by clicking on the corresponding area on the house i.e. walls, doors, roofs etc. Scrolling through furniture options is just as simple so you shouldn't get too bogged down in this mode.

Inevitably, at some point, you'll want to split or merge your household. Select Manage Worlds in the menu to access the world screen, where you can switch between the 2 neighbourhoods, view the available options for the lots or choose the Household Management tab from top right panel to make any changes to your current household. A newly wed couple can strike out on their own, sworn enemies can sulk in their very own neighbourhood or you can simply spread out your Sims like a virus, and take over the entire world.

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