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SFX 266 On sale now!

Face it – if there's one magazine you reach for in the gore-splattered midst of a zombie apocalypse it has to be SFX. Our latest issue has everything you need to know to survive the oncoming threat of The Walking Dead season six as the power struggle in Alexandria kicks off! PLUS: the biggest names in sci-fi and horror, from Peter Capaldi to Ridley Scott, Guillermo del Toro to Hugh Jackman, talk exclusively to SFX! C'mon, give us a break, zombie hordes... we're trying to read here!

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Prepare for news-blast! The inside word on new Sky 1 comedy You, Me And The Apocalypse plus Heroes Reborn, the new Ghostbusters and the return of The Returned!


The survivors are back, the walkers are on the rise and the Wolves are at the door... SFX talks to the cast and crew of The Walking Dead as they prepare to unleash a season that will "blow your mind". Mmm, brains.


SFX listens to the twin hearts of Peter Capaldi in one of his most personal and revealing interviews about what it means to be Doctor Who. PLUS: Michelle Gomez talks Missy!


SFX heads to the red planet as Ridley Scott maroons Matt Damon on Mars. It's a tale of survival, endurance and complicated toilet arrangements, apparently...


Looking for some blood-chilling real estate? Guillermo del Toro has a not-so-desirable residence for your consideration. Come take a look at his blood-drenched gothic pile. It comes with an ornamental Tom Hiddleston in the east wing.


As Lucasfilm embarks on a daring mission to bring books, comics and more from its Expanded Universe into one Star Wars continuity, we speak to some of the adventurous souls telling stories in a galaxy far, far away.


Fantastic Four! Mad Max: Fury Road! Avengers: Age Of Ultron! The Shepherd's Crown! Justice League Of America! The ancient, many-tentacled Beast of Judgement stirs from its millennia-old slumber and casts an unblinking eye your way!

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