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Sexy end zone: Lingerie Football League is a thing that exists and is getting its own video game

Never been interested in American Football? Me neither. UNTIL NOW. Did you know that - according to BusinessWeek - the fastest growing sports league in the United States is the Lingerie Football League? Me neither. UNTIL NOW. And did you know that WWE developer Yuke's has got the rights to make an official LFL game for consoles? Me neither. UNTIL NOW. I'll stop that now. UNTIL NOW.

Above: Some LFL players. They are not men

Yes. This is a thing that is happening - the exciting real-life sport of women in bras and panties and padding and headgear collectively running about and smashing into each other and trying to get a ball somewhere is being made into a game. Which makes perfect sense given that the LFL has been playing to capacity crowds and record television ratings all over the world. Popular sport = video game = KERCHING!

Above: This team is called Los Angeles Temptation

There aren't really any more details about the game other than it's happening and Yuke's are making it, but I'm guessing the principles are the same as regular American Football so it'll probably be along the lines of Madden. Which makes me think I'll probably just stick with watching clips of LFL on YouTube if I really want to.That way I won't have to bother learning the rules or anything. And the ladies aren't just made of graphics.


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