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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

Hello and welcome to another Friday SFX Bargains round up. Once again we’ve trawled the net and the local shops to bring you cheap sci-fi goodies to brighten your day. Read on and be tempted…

First this week we head over to Amazon. In their Deals of the Week this week they have the original Mission Impossible TV series. All seven seasons can be found on this page for £9.97 each. Although for some reason season six will cost you a pound more.

If you’ve seen Avengers (ASSEMBLE!!) this week and you’re feeling in need of a little more superhero action Play have the Marvel Complete Animation Collection on
DVD for £14.99 . In the set you get these eight animated films - Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2, The Invincible Iron Man, Planet Hulk, Hulk Vs Thor/Wolverine, Thor - Tales of Asgard, Doctor Strange and The Next Avengers . That should keep anyone going until Avengers hits the DVD/Blu-ray shelves in a few months time.

Something for fans of classic Doctor Who next with the William Hartnell adventure The Time Meddler available on DVD for £5.99 . have a 2 Blu-rays for £15 offer on where you can find films such as Splinter, The Island and Escape from New York plus many, many others. Click through and see what you can find.

From the forum this week we have suggestions from Silver Fox 67 who found Transformers - Dark of the Moon in a triple play set for £8.95 , the Watchmen two disc director’s cut on Blu-ray for £7.49 and Cowboys and Aliens again in the triple play format for £8.98 .

Perf brought us art in the form of modern, vintage and retro inspired Science Fiction and Fantasy Prints from Geekerie on Etsy. The prints are all around £11.41 each. The work is mostly inspired by Star Wars, Fringe andMarvel Comics and wouldn’t look out of place on any self respecting geek’s walls.

As usual, if you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. And if anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share then please click through to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for film bargains and this one is for TV bargains and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might discover. Keep your eyes peeled for great Sci-fi offers and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.

Steven Ellis