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Save upwards of $50 on this black-and-white Homall gaming chair through Amazon

Homall gaming chair
(Image credit: Homall)

As part of the ongoing Black Friday gaming chair deals across many retailers, Amazon have taken $50 off this Homall gaming office chair, down from $150 to a much more reasonable $100. Right now this is a deal that's specific only to the white-coloured model pictured above, but it's still a solid reduction for those in the market for new seating. 

Not only that, but customers can reduce it by a further 5% by selecting the coupon on the store page, adding to the savings yet again. The Homall is an incredibly popular choice when it comes to gaming chairs; it currently holds over fifty thousand ratings on Amazon that average out to 4.4/5. And though it might call itself a gaming chair, it's clear that the attention to ergonomic detail and quality means that it's almost certainly going to be fine as on office chair too, meaning that it's as much for work as pleasure. 

While some other colours of the Homall are on sale, none of them are discounted quite as extremely as the white model. For those who want other options, the second cheapest is the blue Homall gaming office chair, which is down to $140 from $170. While not as good a deal as the white variant, financially speaking it's still pretty good when it comes to Black Friday gaming chair deals. 

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Homall Gaming/Office Chair (White) | $150

Homall Gaming/Office Chair (White) | $150 $100 at Amazon
Save $50 - An ergonomic chair made of faux "pu leather" and with a wide range of adjustment, the Homall works for gaming or for work and is pretty significantly discounted at a third off its price tag.

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