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Save on Death Stranding and God of War pre-orders right now so the deals may NEVER END

The Cyber Monday Gaming Deals have become so strong that they now transcend time and space, giving you savings on huge games that haven't even come out yet. Amazon is offering discounts on a bunch of pre-release games that anybody is eligible to receive - no Prime membership necessary - and among them are two of the most anticipated games of 2018: God of War and Death Stranding*. If you want a shiny new console to play them on, make sure to peruse all of our Cyber Monday PS4 deals

*Death Stranding still doesn't have a specific release window, but Hideo Kojima said last year that it would be out "before 2019". So unless it's a surprise end-of-year 2017 arrival (very unlikely), current working knowledge puts Death Stranding firmly in the 2018 section of our upcoming PS4 games list.