Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Swamp / Salt Mine

Mr Everywhere 18/20

After exiting the ship and wading through the swamp to climb a ladder into a hut, collect your items from the crate then return to the ladder and pick off the bobblehead sat on the ledge opposite.

Mr Everywhere 19/20

When you reach an area of the salt mine with a bomb at the bottom of some stairs, follow the tracks to the left then look up above a crate to see this bobblehead next to a barrel.

File 28/32: Email Log

Now go up the stairs and enter the room across the bridge, then interact with the laptop for a file.

File 29/32: Infection Report

Enter the next room and look straight ahead for a file on a shelf. Interact with it again to read and add to your files.

File 30/32: E-Necrotoxin Document

Now open the case surrounded by wires/tubes and examine the note inside the lid.

File 31/32: R&D Report [1 of 2]

Behind the case to the right, another file is on the desk. Interact twice to read it.

File 32/32: R&D Report [2 of 2]

Finally for this room, go up the short steps and check the desk on your right for the last file, and interact with it twice to read.

At this point you should unlock The Devil Is in the Details trophy/achievement.

Map: Mine

After defeating the two Fat Men and climbing the ladder out of the mines, grab this map from the table with the tape recorder on it.

Mr Everywhere 20/20

Now pull away the boards ahead and return to the Guest House, then go around the other side of the shelves to find the final bobblehead.

At this point you should unlock the Mr. Nowhere trophy/achievement.

Congratulations - you've found every collectible in Resident Evil 7!