Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Testing Area

Antique Coin 13/18

After clearing the tripwire bomb rooms, you'll head down a long L-shaped corridor with a room at the end - a coin is in the drawer in the green bench.

Mr Everywhere 13/20

Now enter the barn area next door and look up on the top of the fence to your left to spot a bobblehead. You can't knife it, but again a single unit of Burner fuel should be enough to destroy it.

File 22/32: Memo on Burnt Corpse

After defeating the Fat Man in the barn and riding the lift up, check the note stuck on the chest of the burnt corpse in the room you enter.

Antique Coin 14/18

Now head through the doorway opposite and look on the shelf ahead to find a coin.

Map: Testing Area

Once you've escaped from Lucas' birthday puzzle (again), enter his safe room then look at the notice board to grab a map of the area.

Mr Everywhere 14/20

Now turn around and look up as you exit the safe room, to locate a bobblehead above the door ready for a quick burst from your Burner.

Mr Everywhere 15/20

Outside, as you make your way to the Boathouse, hang a right into the wooden shack then check the netting on the floor for another bobblehead.

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