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Reminder: PC Gamer Weekender early bird ticket sales end December 4

We here at GamesRadar tend to focus on console games, but we haven't forgotten about our PC-playing pals in the audience. That's why I'm gonna give you a heads-up: early bird tickets for the PC Gamer Weekender will no longer be sold after December 4.

Tickets are currently £9.99 for a Sunday ticket and £11.99 for a Saturday ticket, but those will go up starting December 5. So if you want the cheapest price for the two-day event taking place on February 18 and 19, you might want to hop to it.

If this is your first time hearing about the event or just want a reminder as to why the PCGW is worth checking out: attendance means you get to play unreleased games, check out new and upcoming peripherals and hardware, compete in tournaments, or learn how to build the best custom rig.

Need to plan your trip? The event is being held at the Olympia London in … erm, London. Have fun!

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