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Pokemon Black and White item location guide

Evolution-inducing items

Medicine (misc)

Berry Juice – Castelia City (Royal Unova on Tuesday), Black City (buy)
Casteliacone – Castelia City
Clever Wing – Driftveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge
EnergyPowder – Driftveil Market
Energy Root – Driftveil Market
Full Heal – Various locations (not purchasable)
Full Restore – Various locations (not purchasable)
Fresh Water – Vending machines
Genius Wing – Driftveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge
Heal Powder – Driftveil Market
Health Wing – Driftveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge
Lava Cookie – Castelia City (Royal Unova on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)
Lemonade – Vending machines
Moomoo Milk – Driftveil Market
Old Gateau – Dragonspiral Tower (from Cedric Juniper during story), Castelia City (Royal Unova on Thursday)
RageCandyBar – Castelia City (Royal Unova on Saturday)
Rare Candy – Battle Subway (48 BP); Castelia City (Royal Unova on Sunday), various locations
Resist Wing – Driftveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge
Revival Herb – Driftveil Market
Soda Pop – Vending machines
Sweet Heart – Obtained by using the C-Gear Feeling Check
Swift Wing – Driftveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge

Battle items and vitamins

Battle items can be purchased at Shopping Mall Nine on Route 9, along with vitamins and restorative items.


There are two fossils new to the Unova region, the Cover Fossil and the Plume Fossil. You may choose one or the other from the backpacker in Relic Castle. All other fossils may be obtained from the fossil man in Twist Mountain (one per day).

Valuable and exchangable items

-Pearls and Mushrooms can be found with the Dowsing MCHN in various locations.
-A man in the Icirrus City Pokemon Center will buy most valuable items at double the normal price.
-A man in the Undella Town mansion will buy all the Relic items.

BalmMushroom – Striation City, Abundant Shrine (can be sold to hungry maid on Route 5)
Black Flute – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)
Blue Flute – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)
Comet Shard – Giant Chasm Crater Forest
Heart Scale – Various locations; Pickup; common on wild Luvdisc (Fishing on Routes 4, 13, Driftveil City, Undella Town, Undella Bay
Nugget – Various locations; Pickup; rarely held by wild Garbodor
Pearl – Common on wild Shellder (Fishing on Route 13, Undella Town, Undella Bay)
Pearl String – Route 13
Pretty Wing – Driftveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge
Rare Bone – Black City (buy)
Red Flute – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)
Relic Band – Abyssal Ruins 2F, 3F
Relic Copper – Abyssal Ruins 2F, 3F
Relic Crown – Abyssal Ruins 4F
Relic Gold – Abyssal Ruins 2F, 3F
Relic Silver – Abyssal Ruins 2F, 3F
Relic Statue – Abyssal Ruins 2F, 3F
Relic Vase – Abyssal Ruins 3F
Shoal Salt – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)
Shoal Shell – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)
Stardust – Swirling dust in caves; common on wild Staryu and Starmie (Surfing on Route 13)
Star Piece – Rarely on wild Staryu and Starmie (Surfing on Route 13); Black City (buy)
White Flute – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)
Yellow Flute – Route 13 (Treasure Hunter)


Berries cannot be grown in Unova, but they can be grown within the Dream World. The berries section of this guide will be added when the Dream World launches outside of Japan.

Page one: TMs and HMs
Page two: Hold items and Poke Balls
Page three: Evolution-inducing items, medicine and recovery items, battle items, vitamins, fossils, valuable and exchangeable items, berries

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