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14 Pokemon that are basically just ordinary objects with googly eyes


If youre not careful, a squawling child will carry your Drifloon away with them, since this is a glorified balloon. Perhaps the yellow patch is to keep the air in, and the heart-shaped handles are to make sure you can skip along with your pretty purple prize while on your way to catching a monster that doesnt look as though it might deflate during the very first scuffle it gets in.


Ever buy cotton candy at the carnival? It probably doesnt look like a derpy pink cloud, does it? Swirlix definitely does, complete with a little handle--at least, we think thats a handle. It might be competent if it didnt look like it wanted to slurp itself up instead of assault its enemies. Its probably good for hugs, but we wouldnt expect much else out of it, even after its evolved into its similarly foody final form.

Klink is a pair of gears with conveniently personable faces that seem to have taken considerable damage. They look like theyre perpetually in pain, probably from grinding into each other. How do they stay attached? Do they keep turning at all times? The simple fact that Klink exists is a paradox in itself, but why must each gear be missing an eye as well? Strange.


Trubbish is exactly what you think it is: a full bag of trash, with what appears to be rips in its sides, heaping with garbage. The fact that it somehow has a mouth and what look like ears doesnt make it any more attractive, but those features do make you want to pick it up and give it a hug. You can slap eyes and a gaping maw on anything and give it a cute name, but sometimes you just cant escape the fact that youre basically working with refuse. Except when youre playing Pokmon.


Theres unimaginative, theres lazy, and then theres Cottonee. Cottonee is a cotton plant. Its actually a monster you might be able to spin into a shirt or an overpriced dress. You probably wouldnt want to (and it would be inhumane) but that might end up being its ultimate destiny. Considering youll probably use it in and out of battle, does that make you feel like a horrible person? Because it definitely should.

Gotta see 'em all!

Youve had a sampling of what the world of Pokmon has to offer by way of sentient beings in the form of everyday objects and items. Turns out, theres a lot of them--and we didnt even cover each evolutionary form! As the generations roll out, you can count on there being wackier and even more out there monsters. Well keep buying them, and well keep making fun of them, too. Forget battling, collecting, and trading--isnt that what theyre really there for?

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