Pikachu: Officially sexy-cool

Stuff my Bidoof

We’re not sure which is the more disturbing: the fact that someone actually commissioned this in the first place, or that the artist agreed to use their spare time carefully stuffing, and then stitching up, a Bidoof’s backside. ‘I’m NOT currently taking commissions,’ says the artist. Presumably because they’ve only just stopped being questioned by the police.

Above: These are the black, glassy eyes you see before you die, whittled to deathby crocheted teeth

Bidoofbrain cosies

Not one, but two Bidoof hats. We can think of nothing more depressing than slipping one of these over our heads in the middle of winter. ‘HOW MUCH FOR AMAZING HAT?!’ asks one commenter. Still, we suppose they provide a public service – if you see one of these coming towards you on a dark night, you’ll know it’s time to cross the street…

Oh, you have two Bidoof?

During our hunt for all things Bidoof, we found frequent references to owning two Bidoofs. This particularly ‘tickled our fancy’ – replacement boxart for a ‘Two Bidoof Version’. Does anyone want to explain the ‘Twin Bidoof’ phenomenon to us? On second thoughts, we don’t want to know.

Above: Hey, look, it’s a… Wha? Oh, sorry, we got distracted by the T-shirt in the background. Quite something

Bidoof pwnage

Why have Ho-Oh when you can have Bidoof? Bidoof12’s YouTube channel allows you to witness the true power of the ’Doof as his Lv100 Pokeyman rips another team of Lv100s to pieces. We shudder to think how long he must have stared at the back of that Bidoof’s head in order to train it up.

Above: Given this display of might, perhaps we should be more careful about what we say about Bidoof

Eat mah Bidoof!

‘Happy birthday, Son! I baked you a delicious cake. A lovely brown Bidoof cake. BECAUSE I HATE YOU!’ Just imagine it. Just imagine having to sit down and eat one of these monstrosities. That third one made us laugh so hard we ended up crying. And calling Social Services.

Above: Click each image to see their uncanny origins

Apr 27, 2010

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