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Pikachu: Officially sexy-cool

Not only at the GR offices, but all over the world Pokemon insanity is at a fever pitch. There's a new game announced, a new movie featuring new Pokemon, and we're still obsessed with HeartGold/SoulSilver. Now we share with you, gentle reader, a small taste of the Poke-infatuation to be found on the internets.

Teeny tiny Pokeball

Dangle them from anything you like – bags, phones, hideous facial piercings… even your DS, if you feel so inclined. Just don’t try throwing them at wild animals – they simply don’t work.

Above: It would be cool if it opened up to reveal a very tiny ’Mon. It doesn’t, though. Never mind

Do you like Mudkipz?

This super cute hooded fleece is only available in ‘girlie small’. If you know what that means, and you do indeed like Mudkip, better order one when they hopefully come back in stock. We like the little flippers on the bottom and the hood - top attention to detail.

Above: We guess it would be a bit weird if this was only available in, say, men’s XXL size

Pikachu, I choose you

Someone somewhere must know of a suitable time and place to wear something like this. We were thinking maybe job interviews, court appearances, that sort of thing. The 10 o’clock news would certainly be more bearable if the next harrowing disaster report was presented by… oh, how sweet!

Above: We’d put some wire in those ears to make them stand up, else Pikachu looks all sad. We’d just have to watch out for ceiling fans

Bellsprout in wool

Like a Triffid, isn’t it? We were looking forward to cuddling our sinister/lovely Bellsprout plushies when we realised this is just a pattern. You’re supposed to follow the instructions and make it yourself. Is crochet difficult?

Above: Does anyone else find those roots/feet a bit creepy? Like it’s just been ripped out of the ground?

Ditto hatto

Ditto is the Pokemon that turns into anything it wants to. In this case it looks remarkably like a hat, and that’s really all we’ve got to say on the matter.

Above: We’d probably look a bit happier if we had a Ditto hat. Guess she must hate Ditto

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